Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Star eyes for my wavy friend

This drawing is a portrait I made of my best friend. Is also ink and pen. The paper I used was very light and probably thats the reason why it losed some quality over time. Later on I found out that with this technique is better to used heavy paper!.
Well, hope you like it!
Nice week everybody.

4 rebellious thoughts:

Reg Rodriguez said...

saw your link on ifb and this illustration is really nice! great job :)


Subversive Lulú said...

Hi!, thank you so much!, I made them with lots of love!.
Saw your blog and I think is really funny and cool, luv your outfits!.

Catherine Grinstead said...

Thanks for your message on IFB :) Your illustrations are really unique!! I love this one xx

mary... said...

:) lov it!! thank u again 4 making me look so pretty! :) jajajaja :)