Monday, March 28, 2011

Pink Obsession

Let me introduce you all to  Alice, does anybody remember the film Closer?. Well Natalie Portman portrayed this very beautiful and a bit of  crazy woman. Her look in the entire film is kind of quirky, very much with her personality. But when she puts on that  pink wig, history was made in the film industry.
It maybe my mood lately, but there is something about her eyes that for me reads  sadness, pure and rough sadness, and thats what makes it so special.
But well getting back to the pink wig, the last post also personifies pink, and I think I have a little obsession with the color. Not sure it would fit me, but it sure looks amazing on her.

3 rebellious thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Me encanta esa película, y ese personaje de Natalie Portman es uno de mis favoritos.

KARNOSKI said...

I love your pics, so beautiful (:
follow me, I'll follow you back!

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with love, cris

classiq said...

What a resemblance! I loved Closer and you're so right about Natalie's eyes in that scene, I remember so well, they were so sad. I like your references on movies, Gilda is a great film noir. Ada