Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cat girl

Morning to you all!,
This drawing is something I did a while ago, the idea of the character was evolving while painting it, so not really someone in  mind.
But now every time I see it, I get the whole catwomen vibe, you know with the tights and the heels! hehehe. And I remember I read somewhere that catwomen was going to be our Devil wears Prada girl Anne Hathaway. So how do you think she would be?. I'm not a huge fan of Batman, but I enjoyed the movies, and I'm a sucker for wardrobe design, actually is one of my favorites things, I can go hours watching movies just to see how the character wardrobe develops through the film :). I think it would be interesting to see how her character would develop, so well, lets wait and see!.
Hope you like it!.

9 rebellious thoughts:

CatFatale said...

Amazing drawings, You are very talented.

Cat Fatale

Dora said...

Very nice drawing :)I can't wait to see the movie.


La Mode En Rose said...

wow that ilustration is gorgeus! i love it!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Subversive Lulú said...

Oh you are all too sweet!, Thank you for the lovely lovely comments :)

Caroline H said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog ! I didn't know yours ! i LOVE your work ! : )

Feyza Veli said...

i love this, beautiful, i like all of you illustrations but this is my favorite:)

Subversive Lulú said...

Oh!, Thank you Feyza!, you are very sweet.

Anisa said...

CUTE! I love the bow and I actually have heels like that how funny! Youre so freaking talented!


hillaryaryn said...

love the hairstyle and LOVE the purple bow!

hillaryaryn @ anxiousalphabet