Friday, April 8, 2011

First blogger portrait!

I'm so happy!, finally had the time to start my blogging portrait series. Which was one of the things I wanted to get started long time ago.
Blogging is such a big community and I'm so glad to be part of it, even do I'm new and all, is  great to see how everything is connected and how we are all interest  in doing our share in fashion.
Well the first of the series is  the very lovely and chic owner of The Minimalist Chic, if you haven't I truly recommend you check out her blog!.
Cheers and great weekend everybody!.


5 rebellious thoughts:

W. said...

oh my god! you drawning so good!! i'm so happy to see that ! i don't what i can say, i will post this everywhere i can :p

hillaryaryn said...

love the drawing :D

xo hillaryaryn

Juillet Clair said...

wow,great drawing!
i'm now following :D
hope we can follow each other

Tereza Anton said...

This is so cute.

Nina Morena said...

that's such a great illustration!