Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soul of love

Hello everybody!..
How was your weekend?, mine went terrible fast!. The rainy season just started over here, and is almost impossible to do something that involves going out. So I catch up with some drawing, and try to do something different with the illustrations as you can see in this one.
The face of the girl is inspire in an image from Chanel campaign for Le Blanc with the beautiful Barbara Palvin, her face is so angelical and unique. I love drawing her for a thousand reasons!. You can see the image from the campaign here.
Well I gave it a huge twist (as you can see)and  love how it turn out, I love doing curly hair, don't know why, it just come naturally.
So well, hope u all like it, and enjoy the illustration!:)
P.S: The quote is from a Death Cab for Cutie song, call "I will follow you into dark".

8 rebellious thoughts:

Shasie said...

Neat! Great rendition. I love her with the curly hair.

Live Life in Style

Trine said...

I had a great weekend celebrating my boyfriends birthday wither a lovely dinner! :)

The painting looks amazing - as always :)

XX Trine

Sol.Iametti said...

me encantó el post y amo a death cab!
gracias por tu comentario sobre Lizzie Olsen...concuerdo con tu comentario al 100%!

Subversive Lulú said...

Thanku girls!.
Lovely comments!
Great week to all.

Subversive Lulú said...

I ♥ death cab tambien!

Tereza Anton said...

Beautiful blog.

Shevah said...

I adore this piece!

La Mode En Rose said...

wow!!! so pretty! I like all of your illustrations! I couldn't pick my favorite because i like them all! = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )