Sunday, June 26, 2011

Layers of color + Love

Oh my, oh my!, so long since I last posted. I have million of excuses all very good but you can guess that was the lack of time what kept me from posting like I usually do, so sorry for that!.
And this new post comes quite perfect with my mood lately, I don't know if is the constant raining or the cloudy days, but I'm drawn to every sorrow, nostalgia and sad  images I can possible found.
So well  hope you like this one, the quote is from a Postal Service song called nothing better, and I just can't take it out from my mind!.
Have a wonderful, amazing week you all!.

6 rebellious thoughts:

Shasie said...

Missed ya girl! Love this image. I needed to hear this quote about 2 months ago, when I wouldn't let a bad thing go...(boys), but now all better. Definitely healed
Live Life in Style

hillaryaryn said...

omg i lOVE the postal service!!!

it's the perfect song (nothing better).

and the image is great....beautiful purples :D

xo hillaryaryn @anxiousalphabet

Subversive Lulú said...

Shasiee darling I know exactly what u mean!. That quote for me was like a wake up call, and is something so simple but at the same time is not.
Well better late that never!.
Big hugs!

Subversive Lulú said...

Thank u hillary you are so sweet!!.
p.s: postal service rocks!

La Mode En Rose said...

que bello! tienes mucho talento!!!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Lyosha said...

oh my! I love this art! her hair and emotions are stunning!
So happy you posted something new! I'm not a reader you had for a long time but I missed the new posts from you!

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