Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sand people + Beautiful Carmen Solomon

SAND PEOPLE from Andreas Waldschuetz on Vimeo.

How is everybody week going? mine is really heacted! Lot's of things to tell, I'll be traveling to Los Angeles and Miami next week, sooo I'm totally exceting to see all the streetwear and fashion over there.
Meanwhile I found a video of the beautiful Carmen Solomon, and I just could'nt wait to share it with u all!.
And doing a little research I found out that this is a video from director Andreas Waldschuetz and a very interesting proyect call Sand people that you can read about it here. Is interesting for many reasons(beside Carmen and her striking look) first the photography is sublime, totally breathtaking, second the looks and wardrobre is pretty amazing as well, the group of designers that collaborate with the proyect is very talented and I can even said avant-garde, and besides all that the set was in Namibia wich gives just that extra sublime touch to all!.
Well I leave u all with that, hope u love it as much as I did!.

5 rebellious thoughts:

Lyosha said...

good luck with your travel! and nice video - thanks for sharing

Inside and Outside blog

Subversive Lulú said...

Thank you darling!

hillaryaryn said...

beautiful new piece you have!

and thx for your lovely barbie comment! i still have the peachesncream doll, but not the original packaging (i found that on the internet :D

good luck on your journey! take pix left and right!

xo hillaryaryn

Freya said...

i love miami because of the beach and because the clothes are really cheap (L)
this video scares em a little bit


Subversive Lulú said...

It's kinda bizarre right?
Oh I fell in love with the beaches!, and the vibe of the city.